Winter Wonderland

Brrr…. It’s cold outside!

A white, winter-scenery has even made its way inside Room 10! Whimsical evergreen trees, falling snowflakes, and a sky full of stars… We’re walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland!

To keep warm, students have bundled up in their warmest coats, gloves, and hats and gathered around the campfire! Together, we read the story, Poppleton in Winter, and learned the importance of friendship.

During the month of December, our class focused on spreading kindness to others. Each day, they completed one random act of kindness, from playing with a new friend to making thank-you cards for teachers around the school. Students also made and wrapped a holiday gift for a family member. I was very impressed by their excitement to give!

Right before break, Room 10 students completed a Winter Wonderland-themed escape room. Jack Frost had trapped us inside an ice castle. We had to read passages and solve clues to get out before we became ice cubes. When we were able to escape, our class celebrated afterwards with yummy popsicles.


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