Reading All-Stars

This past week, our reading group didn’t miss out on the football-themed fun!

On Monday, students completed a sentence-correcting task called “Terrible Tweets”. Students searched for “football players'” tweets around the classroom. They then helped the football players fix their sentences by adding appropriate capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.


The next day, we read our corrected sentences aloud using our official referee signals to represent capital letters and different punctuation marks. Students loved learning the movements to go along with their corrections!


Throughout the week, students also worked with a partner to research a football player. Together, they used books as well as QR codes to find facts about their assigned player. Using their gathered information, they then worked together to write an informative biography. After publishing their final draft, students presented their writing using an app called ChatterPix. Below you can watch their final products. They are too cute not to share.

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